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Having played the demo of KSP  (available for free on steam) and trying out the sandbox mode for a bit, I’m about to start career mode for the first time.

In career mode, you initially only have access to a small number of parts to build your rockets. To unlock more parts, you must venture into space and do some science!

To that end the first thing I’m going to do is send one of my hapless little guys as high as I can and… see what happens!

Flight 1 – 15000m

So after strapping some fuel tanks to a rocket engine at one end and a capsule at the other, its time to take it to the launch pad and hit that enticing red button…

I'm sure NASA has some way of holding it upright but apparently Kerbals don't yet, just hope it's not too windy!
I’m sure NASA has some way of holding it upright but apparently Kerbals don’t yet, just hope it’s not too windy!

Well apparently it can fly! Who says rocket science is hard? The little sucker got up to 15000m before running out of fuel and starting to fall. Luckily for the kerbal inside, that knobbly bit at the top of the capsule is a parachute and he is able to safely drift for the last few hundred metres.

Up it goes! So far so good!
Up it goes! So far so good!
And down it comes...
And down it comes…

He even managed to land very close to the launch site. Although the landing was a little rough (the engine blew up when it touched the ground!) the capsule and the kerbal inside were safe to die another day.  The Kerbals have learned valuable lessons about the bravery of Kerbalkind and what clouds look like from above.

These discoveries apparently led to some new advances in rocket engineering which allowed me to acquire some new parts…

I can now stage rockets (discard parts of them I don’t need like spent fuel tanks during flight) and cover my rocket in goo! (science goo, obviously). So, changes are hurriedly made for the next flight, even higher over Kerbal.


Flight 2 – 80000m

So, with tanks of goo in hand (science, remember?) Jebediah Kerman steps into the capsule once more. This time, he has even more fuel strapped to his behind which expert rocket scientists all agree is for the best.

Well, I'm no expert but I would say that's definitely space.
If the Kerbals built a great wall you would totally be able to see it from here.

By now he is most definitely in space. Jebediah quickly takes pretty pictures of the stars and the Mun and whatnot but of course, what goes up must come down (probably not the most optomistic saying for a space programme but still…). This time, the spent fuel tanks are jettisoned, allowing the parachute to carry our entrepid explorer to the ground with much more aplomb and much less explosions.

The tanks are successfully ejected away from the main capsule.
The tanks are successfully ejected away from the main capsule.
Which then lands safely on Terra Firma (Kerba Firma?), allowing Jebediah to take a selfie.

Feel free to post any comments or thoughts and stay tuned for more kerbaltude


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